H&F Import Bonsai Pots & SuppliesInc
H&F Import Bonsai Pots & Supplies Inc
4401 Sw 92 Ave. Davie,Fl  33328 
Tel: ( 954 )-472-0958  Fax:( 954 )-472-0728


We Have Pre Bonsai - Finished Bonsai - Specimen Bonsai


H & F Import Bonsai Pots & Supplies Inc.

Established in 2000.

A manufacturer,  importer and wholesale distributor of bonsai pots, pre and finished bonsai trees,bonsai tools, bonsai wires,bamboo planters, 

orchid pots,fruit trees, 

home decorations and accessories.

                                                                          We also do customizations.  
                                                                     most special requirements can be met.

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        Bonsai Trees: Fukien Tea - Sweet Plum - Ligustrum - Ficus Retusa - Zelkova Podocarpus - Serissa

Ficus Ginseng - Money Tree - Jade - Ilex Desert Rose - Bougainvillea  


All shapes and all sizes in Glazed and Unglazed Bonsai Pots.  We also have Lucky Bamboo Pots and Orchid Pots

Plastic Bonsai Pots and Plastic Humidity Trays

                                                                             Bonsai Tools

                                                                     Bonsai Figurines - Mud Men - Mud Woman                   

                                                 Bonsai Training Wire                                                                    Bonsai Soil

                                            Orchid Pots and Lucky Bamboo Pots

                                  Fruit Trees - Lychee - Mango and More                                        

                                Granite Lanterns and Marble Slabs